Hayley & Ross Part II (Ross)

For no other reason than because I can, I wanted to blog Ross in Sepia. Random? Yes, but I like the way these fun photos of the guys look in sepia tone! I first met Ross at LeeAnne and John Paul’s wedding like 400 years ago and we got a really funny (and now slightly infamous) kissy pic of these BFF’s. So you know we (I) had to do it again.

I’ve learned a good bit about Ross in the past few years.  1.  He has a pretty cool hobby, he builds AMAZING salt water aquariums.  2.  His friends mean the world to him 3. He’s got some pretty fancy wedding toilets!  (He prefers to call them regal portable restroom experiences) 4. HE LOVES HAYLEY!!!

Hayley gave Ross the most amazing antique cuff links.  (pic in part III)

LeeAnneewaldsen@mac.com - April 19, 2010 - 10:59 pm

LOVE it!

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