big changes at the savannah wedding studio

We have seen a lot of change lately at the Savannah Wedding Studio!  I love change, I always have!  I don’t like when friends move away or anything like that (we miss you Jenny!!), but I do like me some change!  I like new beginnings and fresh starts and I love that feeling that anything can happen!

When I first found the studio in 2007 and thought it would just be for me (I was SO wrong), I never ever could have dreamed that I would make the friends that I have or witness the growth in their respective businesses!  A couple of months back, Natalie of A to Zinnias, called me to tell me that she and Heidi would be moving out of the Savannah studio.  I could tell Natalie was nervous to give me the news that they were opening their new shop, but I could’t have been more excited for them.  In fact I cannot remember a time that I have ever been so excited for anything in my own business!  I was of course sad that I wouldn’t see the girls as often but this was exactly what they had been working SO hard for for the last 4 years (and many, many  years before).  And secretly, their office had always been my favorite so I was already wondering, what would we do with that space!!!??

Fast forward to today!  Ok to last week.   No wait to 4 years ago, whatever!  Sweet Carrie, of Two Cakes has had her office in the kitchen at the studio and with the rooms that are open in the space, I knew it was time for Carrie to get a big girl room!  So I asked her to pick one and she picked my favorite!  (it’s SO her!!).  I then asked (ok insisted) that she let me decorate it for her!  With one stipulation, she had to let it be a surprise.  I don’t know why people allow me to abuse them like I do, but sweet Carrie agreed and today I let her peek at her new office (10 minutes before she had a cake tasting with a bride!).  Thank heavens she liked it!!  After I snapped the following pics, I scooted over to corner of Broad and President Streets to get a few photos of A to Zinnia’s new shop.

Much more to come as we fill the rooms of the studio back up.   Bit. by. bit.



Jewel - August 30, 2011 - 5:52 pm

so beautiful, Teresa!!!

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